About Us


Our History

Established in 2008, Hangtown humbly began as a small operation. Over time the shop has grown but the mission remains the same. With a strong emphasis on community with skateboarding as the foundation. We strive to carry brands that support skateboarding. Skateboarder and family owned our goal is to pass on our community spirit to you via quality goods and service. With a focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

Since 2008 the shop has evolved from a small shack next to our local skate park to a bigger more visible convenient location in downtown Placerville. This allows us to be right in the heart of things. With more space and visibility we have the freedom to offer more to our customers. Whether it is one of our custom Hangtown decks or a pair of quality sunglasses. We work hard to find what suits the needs of everyone who walks through our door. Having people leave with a smile is what it’s all about.

We have all of your skateboarding needs covered; decks, wheels, bearings and hardware. We offer free assembly and maintenance too. Here you will also find men’s and some women’s shoes with style and brands growing as time goes on. You will also find a growing selection of quality skateboard brand clothing and accessories.

We also specialize in offering the finest long boards, downhill boards, and cruisers. Whether it’s a complete set up or a build your own kit, we have all of your needs handled. Safety equipment, slide gloves and all accessories are all available here at Hangtown. If we don’t have it, we can get it. Our motto is if it has four wheels topped by a board it’s a skateboard. There is no wrong way to have fun!

Up and Coming

There is an exciting development for Hangtown coming this year. We have decided to dive into the snowboarding game. Being snowboarders ourselves it seems like the natural thing to do. Eldorado County is a diverse region of outdoor activities. We want to be able to provide a local choice for snow enthusiaists who are from the area. Or for people headed up to the mountains. With over 25 years of snowboard knowledge and experience. We know we can offer a great product at a fair price backed by our knowledge and experience. The bottom line is this, we sell what we ride. We also can handle any wax and tune job for both skiers and snowboarders. Are you a D.I.Y. type of person? Then look no further. Hangtown also carries all you would need to tune and wax your own set up.

From all of us here in the Hangtown family we hope to see you at our downtown location in Placerville. Can’t make it to our brick and mortar spot? Then check out our online store. There you will find our entire product line we carry in the store. Find something you like and we can ship it right to your door! If you are from out of town stop and say hi. Bring your board and skate our D.I.Y. spot right in our parking lot. We hope to see ya!

– The Hangtown Family