Just over a week away for the First Ever Hangtown Snowboard Sale and Gear Swap! IMPORTANT INFO!! All gear that you would like us to help you sell. MUST be checked in during the check in period. The check in period will be from Thursday October 5th at 11 AM - Saturday October 7th at 10 AM. We will be busy and not be able to check in gear through the day. Please keep that in mind. ALL gear that is not sold must be picked up by 7 PM Saturday October 7th. Any gear left after that period will be donated. We respect your gear and want to help. We are not a storage unit however. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Upon arriving to check in your gear in, the Hangtown staff will inspect what you have. We will decide if we think we can sell it. If it's sellable you will be given a tag with these guidelines on it to keep you informed. We will need your name , phone number, a description of your product, and the price you want to sell it for. All prices MUST be final. We won't have the time to negotiate for you. We want everyone to be happy so please decide before you arrive. If we do sell your product for you Hangtown will reimburse you within one week for the cost of your gear. Minus our 25% sellers fee. You will also have the option to roll your money into store credit minus 20%. If these terms are agreeable to you, we will do our best to help you sell your stuff. This event is all about community and coming together for the common good. We want everyone to be successful and leave with a smile. We hope to see you. Please call us with any questions! Now, start cleaning out your closet! Thank You-The Hangtown Family

Going Down Saturday October 7th!!!

Join Us For Placerville's First Ever Snowboard Sale and Gear Swap!!!