Hangtown Skate and Snow located at 103 Main Street in Placerville California. Conveniently located right off of Highway 50 between Canal Street and Spring Street. We are the only skate and snow shop on the western slope of Eldorado County. Come see us on your way through town! DISCOUNT SIERRA AT TAHOE TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE. Direct to lift , no blackout dates. Call us for more info!

We Wax and Tune Snowboards and Skis! $15 For A Full Service Hand Tune and Hot Iron Wax!

The retail market for snowboarding gear is complex and can be confusing. I know how frustrating it can be to step into a store and feel under served and overwhelmed at the same time. Whether it's online, or at a big box retail chain. My belief is simple, quality over quantity. I first stepped on a snowboard at the age of 17. It has captivated my mind for 28 years. From the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Chugach Mountains in Alaska.I love snowboarding and I want you to love it too. Which is why I thoroughly look for the best quality gear to suit our customers needs and their budget. We also only work with snowboard companies that share the same common core values we do. Having a connection from the manufacturer through us to the consumer is important. Without that, you are just buying "stuff". Snowboard gear is an investment into your fun. I don't take that lightly. So if you find your way to our humble little shop. I can personally guarantee you that either myself or a member of our family will give you 100% attention. To try and find you the perfect set up with the brands that we carry. We are a small shop with big ideas, and growing towards the future. So come and see us and say hi! Thank You - Kelley Rogers / Owner Hangtown Skate and Snow